How to get a food parcel

The Food Bank is for a crisis situation, not maintenance, so it is to assist people through a temporary shortfall in money when they cannot afford food.

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You cannot ask us directly for a food parcel for yourself, your family, or your friends. This is because we need to know that the person or family are getting the help they need to deal with the crisis situation.

We take referrals from a number of agencies and organisations that have support workers that know how to deal effectively and appropriately with the crisis, and can refer on for further help and support if needed. If you need help in a crisis situation, and need a referral to the food bank, you can ask the following (examples only):

  • Church leader or official
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Health Authority official, such as GP, nurse, mental health team, etc.
  • Housing Association
  • Job Centre
  • Social Worker
  • Welfare Officer, for example in colleges or work places.