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Referring a client

Click here to download a referral form- professional use.

Please try to copy and paste the completed form into the email as it is then instantly visible to us.

Please try to give as much information as possible on the form.

If a referral is received by emai  before 1 pm we usually try to deliver the same day if volunteers are available.

We do not deliver to home addresses.

Who is eligible?

The Food Bank is for a crisis situation, not maintenance, so it is to assist people through a temporary shortfall in money when they cannot afford food.

Who can ask for a parcel?

It is not possible to request for a food parcel for yourself or family or friends. This is because we need to know that the person or family who are in crisis will be out of crisis soon or are receiving support from other sources- they cannot rely on only the food bank as we can only give a total of 3 parcels.

The person needs to be referred for a parcel by a professional person who is aware of their situation. If there is a problem with benefits then this could be the benefit agency or if they have a social worker or support worker, then they are allowed to refer.

Other examples of people who may refer are:

Health Visitor or Housing Association

If someone is in crisis and none of these options are available  then we would suggest going to the Citizen Advice Bureau who will offer support and may refer for a parcel if needed.

Click here for information on CAB availability in the area


Click here for link to CAB website.

Conwy Food Bank reserve the right to refuse a referral.